The two kinds of introverts

He wasn't shy,
just scared.

Social interaction had always been his thing.
But now he trembled,
for he knew he was filled with secrets.

Secrets he'd never told a soul,
secrets that had never escaped his lips, that now twitched with anticipation;
secrets that would finally see the light of day.

On a dainty little bench she sat,
unaware of the plight of the man approaching her.
His heart fluttered and his hand shook;
the flowers barely held on.

Today was the day,
and he could feel it.

She wasn't scared,
just shy.

Social interaction wasn't really her thing.
So she trembled,
along with the rose in her hand.

She hadn't told anyone about him.
Well only the four people she ever talked to.
That too cause this was special,
and not another fleeting crush.

She sat on her favourite bench,
her happy place;
with thoughts racing through her head.
She knew it had to be done.

Today was the day,
and she could feel it.