Tap Tap

*tap tap*
You wake up with a start.
It's already here.
Your breath quickens, so does its steps.
*tap tap tap*
You grab around for the flashlight.

In the sheer blanket of darkness, you see nothing.
Your hands tremble as they grapple through cobwebs,
looking for the flashlight.
A bead of sweat forms on your forehead.
*tap tap*
You know its too late.

Just as you were giving up, you feel the cold metal on your finger tips.
You scramble for it, but something's wrong.
Instead of the cold unforgiving handle, you feel a warm sinister arm. *tap tap tap*
It's already inside.
Screaming, you dart out;
you barely delay the inevitable.
Creeping along the ceiling it follows;
swiftly but quietly.
Its eyes glow a fiery red as it edges closer.
*tap tap tap*
Its smells your fear.

You reek of pheromones.
They tug it even further.
*tap tap*
Tripping down the stairs, you give up.
Closing your eyes, you feel a heavy limb on your chest.
The time has come.

You open your eyes.
You're in your bed; safe and sound.
You look around.
*tap tap tap*