Procrastination 100

Like always I could be doing my pending assignments right now.
Or be reading an untouched chapter from the book.
Or be practicing for the next tutorial.
Or atleast learn to cook.

But here I am getting bored to death,
googling the best way to cook meth.
Sometimes pondering over my past mistakes,
and sometimes getting lost in dreams about cheesecakes.
Lmao what a huge blackhole YouTube is;
I can spend hours watching Phineas and Ferb teaching me what an aglet is.
Browsing through endless VSauce videos has become a habit;
So has reading up on all the fanfic of 'The Hobbit'.

For the past 3 hours,
I've been philosophically breaking down the fable of "The Tortoise and the Hare";
it's not like tomorrow,
Solanki sir is gonna care.